Monday, November 21, 2011

10th Anniversary Celebration & Confrence Line Up

We are working hard to bring you a conference  where we can remember, celebrate and look forward. The list of people presenting is remarkable!  We are so pleased that these members of our family have agreed to join us. Our hope is that you can too!

Friday night there is a reception and a documentary film  by Lisa Kessler "Heart in the Wound: Sexual abuse from the Catholic Church to Civil Society"  Followed by a Q&A and an Open Mic.

Saturday is full of keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, lunch, and even a play "For Pete's Sake" written and performed by actor Joe Capozzi.

Our first keynote speaker is  Dr. Judith Herman, a pioneer in the field of sexual abuse, trauma and recovery and Dr. James Chu who was an expert witness for the prosecution in the Shanley trial.

Our second keynote speaker is Jetta Bernier, from the Enough Abuse Campaign speaking on sexual abuse prevention and the power of advocacy.

Our media panel promises to be a fantastic discussion!  It will be moderated by Jim Braude from NECN and WTKK.  Panel members are Susan Ryan Vollmar Editor from the Boston Phoenix; Kevin Cullen from the Boston Globe, Margery Egan from the Boston Herald and WTKK; Chuck Colbert who worked for the National Catholic Reporter.

Members of our International panel are Bill Nash, a survivor and international advocate and Helen McGonigle, a lawyer, survivor and advocate in state and federal courts. They will cover such countries as Ireland, Italy, and Africa.

The breakout sessions are a "who's who" of top professionals in their field: 

For the legal view we have  Mitchell Garabedian and Carmen Durso.

Anne Barrett Doyle, Terry McKiernan, and Suzy Nauman from the internationally known will discuss their work in documenting and archiving.

Bob Hoatson from Road to Recovery will share his stories of outreach to survivors.

Kay Ebeling and Patrick O'Malley are going to talk about the contribution of social media.

Sunday our keynote speaker will be Professor Marci A. Hamilton. A leading church vs. state expert who specializes on the issue of whether religious practices that violate the law should be accommodated and who has represented many survivors of childhood sexual abuse, with focus on those circumstances where the abuse was made possible. She is the author of "God vs. the Gavel religion and the Rule of Law".

The video "Silence Shattered Abuse Exposed" by Kathy Dwyer, survivor and activist, will be viewed Sunday morning.
Dr. Ann Webb, survivor, therapist and advocatewill share her closing remarks. And then it is off to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. We will join in solidarity with the "Sidewalk Protesters" who have stood for us in protest every Sunday for the last ten years. We will hold signs and photos, please feel free to bring your own. Come share with us the celebration of our journeys and fellowship as we look toward the future.

The event will be held at the Holiday Inn at Beacon Hill, 5 Blossom Street, Boston, MA 02114.

Room Rate is $109 ask for 10th Anniversary Celebration  


Early Registration $20 (now through Dec. 15 2011)

Registration $25 (Dec. 16 - Jan 2 2012)

Late Registration $30 (after Jan 1, 2012 and walk-ins)

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